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Music Is In The Air

More than Just Music

With MCM Sound it is ABOUT the music. We get it. If you are going to pay for music it better be better than your iPod.

Your business is important to you and there is no better way to capture who you are than with the right music.

You’ve chosen the layout, the decor, even the paint colors of your business to reflect the right mood to your customers. Shouldn’t the sound of your company be the same? Whether it’s inspiring others to run harder at your gym or soothing your customers into staying longer to order the chef’s special dessert, we program streaming internet radio that matches the ambiance of your business.


We take our jobs and our responsibility to you seriously; each channel is personally designed by a group of the best in class audio programmers. From the Fresh Sounds of Hot Pop to the drone beats of Chill to true sounds of Real Jazz, each channel is a unique work of art. It is true that some background music companies have resorted to sticking 500 songs on shuffle. We guarantee there is none of that going here. Just good old fashioned human touch with a little hard work.

Programming for businesses is different than for consumers. That crescendo on Gershwin’s 5th may sound nice in your lazy boy but may not necessarily be appropriate over a glass of red wine on a first date.

All content is screened for lyrics and objectionable content so you can have peace mind. All the stations are at your fingertips.

There are lots of ways to play music in your restaurant or office. What makes MCM Sound the better choice for you?

Designed for Businesses

MCM Sound is designed to offer a first class musical experience your business deserves. No static, no commercials, no DJs, and no interruptions. Just professional music programming so you don’t have to mix your own store soundtrack or listen to commercials for competitors.

Simple to Setup, Simpler to Use

Simply remove your player from the box, plug it into a power outlet, connect it to your internet and audio system and enjoy! There are no antennas or discs to hassle with, no synchronization to your in-store computer necessary, and no playlists to maintain. With bundled remote control, managing your music is easy.

Affordable for All

MCM Sound may be even more affordable than your phone! Buying CDs or MP3s to play on an iPod could cost you hundreds of dollars and cannot be legally played to an audience. MCM Sound offers the cheapest way to supply licensed music to your business.


Franchises and Chains

Supply custom music to your stores nationwide in a simple, affordable fashion. For multi-location companies, contact us at 1.800.224.0032 for a custom pricing plan that is perfect for your budget.

Custom Stations

In addition to providing 45 of the best stations available for business, we also offer the ability to create a custom playlist. This service is intended for the branded concepts or stores with more than 25 locations. This service can range from free insertions of your own audio ads to a complete custom music playlist built to match your branding objectives. In most cases it can cost the same as our basic music service.

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