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It’s simple: the more you know, the more profitable you can become.


Which is the whole idea behind QTimer®, the most comprehensive drive-thru management system on the market.


QTimer’s POS interface gives you unprecedented knowledge and control over your stores. Unlike other timers, QTimer not only tells you what is happening in your drive-thru but why it is happening – giving you instant information you need to improve your performance… and your profits.

What can QTimer do for you?


Real-time POS integration gives you a snapshot of the complete picture


It enables your crew to focus on speed and accuracy by tracking and comparing performance toward goals


It identifies problems so you can take immediate action


Its “above-store reporting” makes this information available to you on any PC or smartphone at anytime

How does QTimer do it?

QTimer’s ability to follow the flow of vehicles in your drive-thru and be integrated with your POS provides you with answers that no other solution can provide. Since our “Enterprise Reporting Portal” captures vital information in near real-time, you are able to gain an overall view of your entire organization’s performance, whenever you need it.

QTimer features a unique “Dynamic Drive-thru” metric.

“Dynamic Drive-thru” is a speed-of-service metric that is unique to QTimer. Unlike other SOS metrics, Dynamic Drive-thru looks at the contents within a food order and the orders of the vehicles in the drive-thru to dynamically create a service goal for each vehicle in the queue. This enables a new operations model that will use the “pull forward” option in a controlled manner to improve the drive-thru experience for all customers. More info…

It’s time for QTimer.

The more you know about your operation, the better you can manage it. The better you manage, the more efficient you are. Greater efficiency equals greater profits. That’s exactly what you’ll get with QTimer – better answers, higher efficiency, more profit.



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