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PAR Drive-Thru System G5

The complete drive-thru package.

Making sure drive-thru orders are handled accurately, in record time is what keeps your customers coming back for more. You need a communication system that not only offers superior sound clarity but is also reliable and easy to use. We engineered the PAR Drive-Thru system G5 from the ground up to meet the needs of your business and deliver a better drive-thru customer experience for your customer.
Smart technology
With a smaller footprint and dual lane capability, the new G5 Basestation offers advanced noise reduction at the menu post, acoustic echo cancellation, has a built-in greeter and superior sound quality. It is also compatible with the both the XT-1 and G5 drive-thru headset systems.

Service in a snap
Take service into your own hands with the G5’s unique modular headset design that allows you to quickly detach the control pad from the carrier and replace it with a new carrier in seconds, right in the store - saving you time and money.

Dock it and you’re done
The first-of-its-kind integrated G5 headset storage and battery charging station lets you charge up to 5 headsets while they’re being stored. Removing the battery is optional, eliminating steps to charge while improving productivity and inventory control. Can be mounted on a wall, shelf or table for easy access.

Get charged up
Stay in charge with smart battery technology. The fuel gauge indicator provides a verbal and visual signal when it’s time to re-charge the battery. A visual end-of-life indicator signals when the battery’s useful life has ended and should be recycled.


Improve order accuracy. Boost customer satisfaction. That’s the genius of smarter sound.

• Advanced Noise Reduction delivers superior  sound quality for the order taker and at the menu post

• Acoustic Echo Cancellation reduces echoes  for clearer sound and easier comprehension

• Automatic Gain Control keeps volume  steady and strong

• Spread Spectrum reduces interference

Easier up-sell. Enhanced productivity.
That’s the genius of the built-in greeter.

• Record up to 16 messages, each up to  10 seconds in length

• Use greeter messages to promote key menu items

• Create alerts and reminder messages to increase  compliance and keep your team on task

• Messages can be scheduled by daypart and easily uploaded to the basestation


A smarter way to connect with customers.  Contact MCM today for a customized quote and the best price for your system, guaranteed. 


















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