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Restaurant Paging Systems

Reduce Noise, Improve Guest Flow and Increase Profits

  • Let customers know with a flash, beep or vibration that their table is ready.
  • Increase revenue by turning tables faster.
  • No more lines and noisy announcements.
  • Delivers faster, smoother, customer-friendly service.
  • Anti-theft feature minimizes pager loss.
  • Smart charging extends the life of batteries without overcharging them.
  • Unique system ID prevents interference from neighboring systems.
  • Affordable options for any budget.

Restaurant Guest Paging Systems: SmartCall SMS

SmartCall SMS is a simple, flexible and affordable solution for restaurant guest paging and wait list management. Thanks to its web-based software, there is literally nothing to install or maintain – all you need is a computer with Internet access. Log on whenever it's convenient and generate an electronic wait list to manage guest flow with ease. Only SmartCall SMS gives you the flexibility to contact waiting guests via pager or with a text message to their very own cell phone or smart phone – it's their choice. SmartCall SMS can be used on its own, or integrated easily with an HME Wireless UHF pager system.

Restaurant Guest Paging Systems: GuestCall IQ

The GuestCall IQ restaurant guest paging system goes beyond ordinary paging to help lower costs and manage operations more efficiently. Its table management feature automatically calculates estimated wait times with a built-in wait time estimator. With a better idea of wait times, you can seat guests more efficiently, turn tables faster and offer a more positive experience. Featuring an exclusive, patent-pending coaster pager renumbering system that automatically renumbers pagers at the touch of a button – you're free to manage the restaurant, and can replace broken or missing pagers almost instantly to stay up and running. The GuestCall IQ restaurant guest paging system is a smarter system, for more efficient restaurant management.

Restaurant Guest Paging Systems: GuestCall

Use a GuestCall restaurant guest paging system to eliminate long lines and chaotic crowds during peak meal times. First impressions count, and from the moment your customers walk in, they'll be greeted in a calm, inviting atmosphere. Guests are free to wait at the bar, knowing that they'll be notified automatically as soon as their table is ready. A GuestCall restaurant guest paging system  increases profitable beverage sales, decreases wait times and improves your overall customer satisfaction.

Restaurant Guest Paging Systems: GuestCall LTD

Count on a GuestCall LTD restaurant guest paging system for quicker table turns, increased profits and a better overall experience for customers. With a sleek pager in hand, guests are free to visit the bar or nearby areas for a more relaxing wait. Notify them that their table is ready with a flash, beep or vibration; avoids searching for guests and noisy overhead announcements. GuestCall LTD restaurant guest paging system helps reduce walkouts and seat more people, more efficiently, in a relaxed atmosphere.

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